Online Platform, Surveys and Content
for Organisational and Employee Development

360° Feedback
Multi-Rater Platform

  • ​Easy-to-use, automated email delivery

  • Measures competencies and behaviours

  • Readymade templates for training needs analysis, annual employee reviews, leadership identification or employee development.

Development Surveys

  • Customisable survey templates for organisations

  • Harnesses employees' feedback, insights and suggestions

  • Identify areas for development

  • Uncover hidden problems before they become crises

Workplace Training Animations

  • Animated videos depicting workplace scenarios

  • Use in informal training, exams or assessments

  • Optional scriptwriting workshops with employees and staff

360° Feedback Multi-Rater Platform is our easy-to-use automated platform for multi-rater feedback projects. Each project can have unlimited raters and you can create different sets of projects for multiple clients.

Readymade 360 project templates allow you to run training needs analysis, annual employee review, leadership identification or employee development projects quickly.

If required, we can optionally help you clarify employee performance needs and customise your project template to match them precisely.


We can also run your projects for you if you prefer.


Organisational Development
and Employee Surveys

We administer a wide range of surveys within organisations, and their questionnaires and reports can all be customised to reflect the organisation's Competency Framework, culture and goals. The feedback gained from staff at all levels forms a solid basis for action plans that lead to improvement and growth.

Our unique Organisational Development Survey helps leaders gain feedback from its staff on the organisation's overall strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Our range of Employee Surveys measure employee performance and behaviour, identify which training, coaching or informal self-directed learning would be most beneficial for your employees, and can also uncover hidden talent and where employees might be better placed.


Workplace Training Animations takes your learning content and makes it compelling, relevant and accessible. We do this by creating animated videos that reflect specific characters, settings and real-life situations, or complex interactions of your choice.

We also create animated videos for use in formal assessments and exams, as well as complete online learning modules for use in education and training.

If required our scriptwriters writers can help you devise storyboards and write scripts.


We have recently branched out into creating physical products such as customized board games, card games, memory boxes and books. These are for a commercial project,, but we will soon be adapting it for use in the education and training market.

As part of the project, we have created a dedicated platform, RecollectLife, which enables users to gather, organize and edit the stories, memories, and photos they want to be turned into a personalized physical or online product. We aim to make this available to businesses, groups and organizations to enable them to share their stories with the public.

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Future Focused Finance is an NHS programme whose aim is to connect and develop professionals across the NHS. We transformed content of standard Powerpoint presentations into animations to increase audience engagement. These are used in conferences throughout the UK for different groups of NHS  professionals

A collaboration between Prometric and Dublin City University to reasearch the benefits of adding animations to the university exams. We were chosen as provider to support them with the storyboarding, scripting and animations. Prometric is a trusted leader in global test development and delivery solutions for academic, corporate, financial, government, healthcare, professional associations and technology market





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LMS Global has provided a great LMS solutions which is based on a wealth of technical and training experience .

Adam Duncan, Director Training4LTD

Our Platform Systems and Technologies

The system we have developed that underpins many of our measurement solutions is called QARAS - Questionnaire, Algorithm and Reporting Administration System. This highly flexible, modular system allows users to adapt our platforms to their own requirements.

Our systems use Microsoft .Net's object-orientated code, encrypted connections, automated backup systems and fully complies with GDPR as outlined in our Security Statement.



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