On-line Platforms, Content and Products
for Learning and Development

We provide online platforms, create content,
run workshops and design products for:

Measuring competencies and behaviours

  • 360 Feedback multi-rater survey platform

  • Assessment / informal exam animated video content

  • Platform to measure ROI of training interventions

Identifying and depicting workplace scenarios

  • Scenario workshops with employees, online or in-house

  • Animated videos depicting workplace scenarios


learning and


  • Animated video content

  • E-learning modules

  • IT development for learning consultants

  • Blended Learning products


360FeedbackManager.com is our fully flexible, automated platform that enables you to run any type of online multi-rater project.

We created TrackingTrainingBenefits to enable trainers to produce dynamic reports that demonstrate to your stakeholders the return on their investment in your training interventions.

If you need a bespoke platform we have 20 years' experience of using Microsoft's .Net technologies to create online applications for consultants and organisations, and are able to integrate them into existing IT infrastructures if necessary.

We are also a Moodle host and use Moodle to structure and deliver online courses as well as provide formal assessments for learners.


Content creation

Our AnimatedElearning.com division takes your learning content and makes it compelling, relevant and accessible by creating animated videos that reflect specific characters, settings and real-life situations or complex interactions of your choice.

We also create animated videos for use in formal assessments and exams, as well as complete online learning modules for use in education and training.

If required our scriptwriters writers can help you devise storyboards and write scripts.



We run workshops both online and in-house that help your team identify the 'real-life' scenarios they come across frequently in their work, such as problematic or successful interactions with co-workers, managers and customers.

Once found, we locate the competencies and behaviours you wish to communicate or assess and faciliate the development of storylines which we then storyboard and script. Once agreed upon we turn them into compelling, engaging video animations for use in training, marketing and internal communications.

We also run regular live online training sessions and a variety of webinars in how to create video animations for business.



We have recently branched out into creating physical products such as customized board games, card games, memory boxes and books. These are for a commercial project, RecollectLife.com, but we will soon be adapting it for use in the education and training market.

As part of the project, we have created a dedicated platform, RecollectLife, which enables users to gather, organize and edit the stories, memories, and photos they want to be turned into a personalized physical or online product. We aim to make this available to businesses, groups and organizations to enable them to share their stories with the public.

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Client Projects

Future Focused Finance is an NHS programme whose aim is to connect and develop professionals across the NHS. We transformed content of standard Powerpoint presentations into animations to increase audience engagement. These are used in conferences throughout the UK for different groups of NHS  professionals

A collaboration between Prometric and Dublin City University to reasearch the benefits of adding animations to the university exams. We were chosen as provider to support them with the storyboarding, scripting and animations. Prometric is a trusted leader in global test development and delivery solutions for academic, corporate, financial, government, healthcare, professional associations and technology market






companies worked with



countries served cross-cultural



employees evaluated




LMS Global has provided a great LMS solutions which is based on a wealth of technical and training experience .

Adam Duncan, Director Training4LTD

Our Systems and Technologies

The system we have developed that underpins many of our measurement solutions is called QARAS - Questionnaire, Algorithm and Reporting Administration System. This highly flexible, modular system allows users to adapt our platforms to their own requirements.

Our systems use Microsoft .Net's object-orientated code, encrypted connections, automated backup systems and fully complies with GDPR as outlined in our Security Statement.




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About Us

LMSGlobal is led by director James Hunt (UK) and Creative Director Ed Lozano, (USA).

James has 30 years' experience of working closely with Learning and Development Consultants, marrying his expertise in IT with his experience of business training. He co-ordinates a team of software developers distributed across several countries.

Ed Lozano's background is in the creative arts and brings his skills as a storyteller to facilitate organisational teams to help them develop narratives for use in assessment, communications and training.

We have been audited by the United Kingdom's accreditation body UKAS to ISO9001 and we follow ISO27001 Best Practices in IT Security standards. LMS Global has been security-vetted by a leading UK-based financial institution and a US-based institute for project managers.

LMS Global provides IT, content and products for Learning and Development Consultants and organisations.

We have a headquarters in the UK and an office in the US, and employ a large team of developers based in India.

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