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Reports Description


Our standard report format

Our standard reports allow you to customise any of the text, for example:

  • section introductions

  • terminology

  • summary

  • action plans

  • header and footer

  • copyright

​You also have various options when it comes to displaying information, for example:

  • easily include or exclude sections

  • replace names with an identifier

  • choice of graphs

  • raw data for further spreadsheet analysis

  • use of variables, e.g. start and end dates, name of project,  etc.

360 Fully Bespoke reports

​​We are experienced in creating bespoke reports to our clients' specific requirements,  for example:

  • including targets on  group  competency ratings

  • showing how important particular competencies are to raters

​We can dovetail in a bespoke section into a standard report, keeping your costs low.  

​Our bespoke reports:

  • are used in coaching assessment, leadership training, employee appraisals and training needs analysis

  • measure competencies, attitudes, knowledge and behaviours

  • can be based on data gathered from individuals and teams, and optionally from external customers and suppliers

  • can be used to compare team performance

Good reports are only half the story...

A 360 degree project is only as good as the responses you get, and low response rates result in poor quality and innacurate information.

Our system enables you to maximise the response rate by being easy to monitor and including regular email notifications and prompts that encourage action.

All your emails to participants can be adapted to suit the values, language and needs of the organisation, and can be modified to suit each of the rater types involved. For example, the language used when seeking feedback from customers will be different to that when doing so with internal employees.

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