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eLearning Delivery

Bespoke Learning Solutions

Do You Find Creating Large Complicated eLearning Courses and Training Projects Challenging?

Do You Find Creating Large Complicated eLearning Courses and Training Projects Challenging?

Do you need the support of an external team in order to pull of your proposal?

Do all of your eLearning courses and projects look the same?​

Are you a newcomer to eLearning?​

Do you have an Instructional Designer on your team?​

​Was your last eLearning project a success?

Are you losing sleep over the size of your current eLearning project?​

Does your corporate workforce telecommute or work remotely?

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3



We offer a free 30-minute conference via Skype and this is where every learning project begins. During this consult, our experienced Project Manager and Instructional Designer will address your requirements and concerns as well as outline our exclusive process. In addition, we will offer guidelines that will clarify your current eLearning specifications. In our experience, our Instructional Designer and Your Health Safety Executive (HSE) will work to create a comprehensive eLearning project procedure.



Once our Instructional Designer has interviewed your HSE and any additional team members, and we have collected all of the necessary materials from you. We will provide a detailed proposal outlining our eLearning Delivery System (EDS) for producing custom eLearning projects including:​

Statement of Work​

Detailed Timeline​

Introduction to Your Dedicated eLearning Team​

Overview of Our Professional Approach to eLearning​

Project Deliverables​

Itemized Budget Costings


Project Launch

We schedule a conference call with you to begin your eLearning project. Our respective teams will sit together to:​

Review the Process​

Create an eLearning Blueprint​

Discuss the Storyboard


Devise a Feedback Plan

Not Convinced : Demo a course or animation

We produce bespoke content that is used for e-learning courses and create scenario-based animations that are used for training and testing.

Our clients are as varied as their location. We have provided animations and content production for learning and assessment, powerpoint enhancement, in-house on boarding, employee training, 360 multi-rater assessment, leadership development, and much more.

If you’re having difficulty with assessment and development, training and communicating, or educating and informing… Then, please contact us.

Also, if you’d like to see some of our work then click the buttons below…

Our Team

We produce short and long form interactive training courses that depict everything from everyday behaviour in the workplace to specific scenarios such as conflict resolution, employee training, health and safety procedures, and patient handling protocols to name but a few.

James Hunt (UK)

Technical Director

Develops the software, leads projects and liases with consultants

Screenshot (625).png

Ed Lozano (US)

Director of Client Relations

Provides guidance and advice while ensuring that all of the customer's needs are being met


Saniya Varkhandkar

Director of Client Relations

An articulate expert who also provides technical supports to your team


Martin Tucker (UK)

Video Producer

Provides video production services and creates bespoke training videos for our courses

Who We Worked With

As a member of the LMS-Global Ltd. Team we have provided eLearning Solutions for:

LMS Global provides technical solutions for consultants who wish to measure leadership potential in their clients' organisations or who wish to assess the effectiveness of their learning and training interventions.

We also provide bespoke video animations used in educational assessment and for training employees in how to give better quality feedback.    

We have a headquarters in the UK and an office in the US, and employ a large team of developers based in India.

LMS Global UK Ltd
Kemp House,
152 City Road,
London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom

Company Reg. No. 04690347

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