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Our reports show you 
what's not working in your organisation
and how to fix it

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Easy-to-read diagrams show you employees' positive, neutral and negative perceptions of the different elements of your organisation.

Our survey-based reports help you to:

  • Improve your bottom line 

  • Make better business decisions

  • Spot areas of good and bad practice

  • Avoid wasting money on unnecessary training

  • Retain your high performers & potential leaders

  • Collect evidence for appraisals

  • Protect your business reputation by uncovering problems before they become crises

Our Ready-To-Go Surveys and Reports


This unique survey and report harnesses the insights and feedback of your employees, revealing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the organisation from their point of view.

A Snapshots section shows words and phrases employees use to describe the organisation, its products and its services, whilst a Recommended Actions section provides you with a bullet-point action plan to enable you to mitigate any problems uncovered by the survey.

Why choose this report?

  • Gives you access to your employees' experiences, ideas and suggestions about their work

  • Helps uncover problems before they turn into crises

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This survey and report is based on the 22 factors that reveal employee engagement and assesses the extent to which your leadership, management and team supports the full engagement of the employees.

Individual scores are shown for each factor, and a Snapshots section shows words and phrases employees use to describe the organisation. It also includes a Recommended Actions section along with statement scores and employee comments.

Why choose this report?

  • Uncovers what's preventing employees from fully engaging with their jobs

  • Can lead to improved productivity and staff retention

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Provides evidence of appraisals, identify strengths and weaknesses whilst supporting your employees' professional development.



Measures the results of your Leadership Development Programmes, Identifies talent and enables your high performers to fly higher.


Our reports reveal core issues,

enabling you to allocate resources and make informed decisions based on evidence.

Bespoke Reports


Optionally, we can create bespoke surveys and reports that are tailored to your exact needs.


We work with you to discover what questions to ask of your employees, leaders and managers in order to unearth problems before they become crises, or to gather their knowledge, insights and experience.


We then run the online survey on your behalf, analyse the data and present the results in a form that is easy to understand and act on.

Reports include a Recommended Actions section containing guidance to help you deal with the more critical issues first.

Optionally, an Executive Summary can be written by one of our team of experienced organisational development consultants.

Typical topics

  • Departmental Training Needs Analysis

  • Industry-Specific Training Needs Analysis

  • Employee Resilience Assessment

  • Essential Soft Skills Assessment 

  • Employee Development

  • Assessing Individual Managers' Leadership Skills

  • Assessing Leadership Qualities

  • Assessing The Team

  • Employee Performance Appraisal​

  • Manager Feedback

  • Home Working Team Leaders Assessment

  • Values Assessment

  • Executive Assessment

  • Identifying Potential Managers

  • Identifying Potential Senior Managers

  • Training Programme-specific Reports

Other services we offer

Competency Framework Consultancy

360° Feedback

Workplace Training Animations​


We can help you create a competency framework for your organisation, leading to greater clarity by employees about what is expected from them.

Our platform enables you to run your own 360° feedback projects for Employee Evaluation, Leadership, and  Recruitment.

We can also run projects on your behalf if required.

We also offer Workplace Training Animations that educate your survey particpants in how to give constructive feedback. These can be tailored to your requirements if needed.

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