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The Importance of Story In Business

Every time that I attend a business-related event, there's always the awkward meet-and-greet session. I say awkward because many of us do the same thing before actually engaging in small talk. We scan the room and offer a non-committal nod of the head if we make accidental eye contact.

Then, we make our way to the bar or welcome the approaching waitstaff to order a cocktail so that we can busy ourselves with something for the next few seconds. But, we're back into deciding with whom to engage with and how to create that initial contact.

Why don't we say hello and break the ice? Then, anxiety will seep away, and we can get on with the meeting and greeting aspect of the event.

Story Drives the Next Few Hours

Who we are

Ed: My name is Ed, and I'm originally from New York City.

Martin: I'm Martin, and I'm from Antwerp, Belgium.

What we do

Ed: Hi Martin, what do you do?

Martin: I run a global transportation business. And you?

Why we do it

Ed: I'm here to facilitate a storytelling workshop.

Martin: So, storytelling?

Some version of this scenario regularly occurs — much more than I care to admit. But, the critical point is that we use stories to communicate. The remaining portion of the event allows us to share stories and casually get to know each other.

Stories + Effective Communication x Emotional Connection = More Revenue

Stories, told correctly, are the most effective form of communication. The most successful salesmen, recruiters, marketers, basically anyone out in the field, and dealing with people outside of your organization are natural storytellers.

They return to the office like conquering heroes after successfully closing deals, negotiating contracts, settling disputes, etc. And, they share their success with the narrative of the conflicts and challenges that they faced. Next, they describe how they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat when almost all hope was lost while we listen attentively as each detail unfolds.

In the same manner that we emotionally connected with the hero's retelling of the events that led to their achievement is the secret to their success. They created a compelling argument that engaged the client or customer into action. And, that action led to the successful outcome of the conflict in place.

In Business, We're All Heroes

Unfortunately, storytelling and narrative form is fundamentally overlooked and underutilized in day-to-day interactions in the world of business.

Anybody who writes emails, presentations, and/or reports can benefit from a little bit of storytelling magic.

We Can Help

At LMS-Global UK Ltd. we provide workshops and seminars that can improve your coworkers' and colleagues' approach to communicating.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

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