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Creating Interactive E-learning Courses

E-learning content, delivery and assessment for business and education.

Animating Your

Business and Employee Interactions

Turn real-life interactions into learning content, for use in training, marketing and assessment.

Tracking Employee Soft Skills and Behaviours

Our automated multi-rater platform measures employee performance.

Measuring the Cost-Benefit of Training

Our automated survey solution assesses the long-term value of your training interventions.

About Us

LMSGlobal is led by director James Hunt (UK) and Creative Director Ed Lozano, (USA).

James has 30 years' experience of working closely with Learning and Development Consultants, marrying his expertise in IT with his experience of business training. He co-ordinates a team of software developers distributed across several countries.

Ed Lozano's background is in the creative arts and brings his skills as a storyteller to facilitate organisational teams to help them develop narratives for use in assessment, communications and training.

We have been audited by the United Kingdom's accreditation body UKAS to ISO9001 and we follow ISO27001 Best Practices in IT Security standards. LMS Global has been security-vetted by a leading UK-based financial institution and a US-based institute for project managers.


We run workshops both online and in-house that help your team identify the 'real-life' scenarios they come across frequently in their work, such as problematic or successful interactions with co-workers, managers and customers.

Once found, we locate the competencies and behaviours you wish to communicate or assess and faciliate the development of storylines which we then storyboard and script. Once agreed upon we turn them into compelling, engaging video animations for use in training, marketing and internal communications.

We also run regular live online training sessions and a variety of webinars in how to create video animations for business.

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